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Social Media Services

Whether you love it or hate it, social media is here to stay and your business can’t afford to ignore it. Online social engagement is driving customer conversions in a huge way and we’re here to help you get started.

Social Media is easy right? Set up a Facebook page and Twitter page then BOOM! you’ve got 1000 likes/followers overnight! Yeah right. If that’s really how it worked, we wouldn’t be around and thousands of people wouldn’t be vying to call themselves “Social Media Experts/Gurus/Ninjas/Jedis” (you get the picture).  The reality is, you need a comprehensive strategy. You need to not only create your social media presence but also treat it as a base on which to build your own online community of supporters and advocates. This is where we come in. We eat, breathe, and drink Social Media. We make sense of all of the crazy tech jargon and build you a social media marketing strategy that drives traffic, conversions, and sales.

So what do we offer?

Glad you asked!

Social Media Consultation & Strategy

Whether you’ve been burned in the past or just looking to start fresh, we can help. We’ll meet with you, discuss goals, and then analyze your previous or current strategy. We’ll let you know how you stand against your competitors and what you need to do reach your goals. Remember, if a video of a baby animal yawning can go viral within hours, anything in Social Media is possible.

Social Media Management

If you already have a good online presence, you may not need to start from the beginning. You may just need someone to manage your social media accounts day to day so you can go back to more important things; like running your business.

After an in depth consultation with our staff, we will  assumes your company’s voice whenever possible and when it's not (when only your expertise is necessary) we will alert you and help you ensure you are growing and cultivating your social community. We also monitor constantly for SPAM and malicious content while also sparking conversations and building relationships within your online community.

In addition to managing the day to day minutiae of your social media platforms, we also will construct and drive a strategy to help grow the size of your online fans as fast as possible.

Content Creation

Think of content as the fuel to your social media conversations. Without rich, creative content, no one is going to stay interested. Sure, they may check you out once in a while for a promotion or event but, they don’t often become longtime customers or even a conversion for that matter. By constantly providing your followers with helpful and sometimes lighthearted content, you’re gaining trust and a general interest for your business. Once this trust is established, the sale can happen.